Επ.Καθ.Claude Nos, M.D.PhD

Χειρουργός - Μαστολόγος

Born 11 October 1962, Neuilly-sur-Seine (France) – French nationality

Language : English Fluent

Professional adresses :

Department of Gynecologic and Oncologic Surgery, Hôpital Européen George Pompidou,

12 Rue Leblanc, 75015 Paris, France

Tel: 0033156093583

E-mail:  [email protected]

The Paris Breast Center

7, Avenue Bugeaud, 75 016 Paris

Tel : 00331 45 630000 


1981-1987: Medical studies in the Faculty of Medicine – University of Nice
1988-1989: Interne des Hôpitaux de Paris, Residency in Gynecologic Surgery, Oncologic Surgery and
General Surgery
1989- 1990: Military Service in an Army Hospital (Begin)
1990-1993: Interne des Hôpitaux de Paris (continued)
1993- 1996 : Chef de clinique-Assistant des Hôpitaux de Paris. (equivalent to “Senior Register” (Speciality in Gynecologic surgery)
1996-2005: Assistant Professor at the Institut Curie –Paris
2005: Part-time Surgeon in the Department of Gynecologic and Oncologic Surgery, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou and Associate Surgeon at the Paris Breast Center.


Medical Doctor, 1993
Certification in Gynecologic Surgery, 1993
Certification in Oncologic Surgery, 1998
Certification in General Surgery, 2007


Gynecologic and Obstetric Ultra Sound, 1995
Surgical Techniques in Reconstructive Breast Cancer Surgery, 1998
MicroSurgery, 2000


Member of the French Society of Senology
Member of the French Association of Surgery
Member of the French Society of Gynecologic Oncology
Member of the International Sentinel Node Society


Specialised lectures to residents in oncology, breast surgery and radiotherapy since 1998 in several Specialised Schools and Institutes such as the Centre René Huguenin, the Institut Curie, the European School of Oncology (ESO) and European School of Surgey (EEC), including live surgery.


I was first trained and graduated as a gynaecologist surgeon. In 1996, I was recruited at the Institut Curie and I progressively focussed my activities on breast cancer surgery, acquiring specialist skills in reconstructive breast surgery, which became an important part of my professional activity. After a few years, I concentrated on sentinel node biopsy and issued numerous related publications. At the moment, I am in the process of experimenting a new technique named Axillary Reverse Mapping for which I am the principal investigator through a National Multicentric Study “Sentibras” .
In close association with Dr K. B. Clough (Chief of the Department of Breast and General Surgery in Institut Curie from 1996 to 2004), I have also focused my research on the extension of the surgical techniques for breast cancer patients and have contributed to the development of an « oncoplastic » approach for tumors that would not be suitable for standard conservative surgery. These oncoplastic procedures extend the scope of breast surgery, traditionally limited to wide local excision or mastectomy.
In 2005 I left the Institut Curie to assist Dr K. Clough in the establishment of the Paris Breast Centre, France’s first Breast Center. The Paris Breast Center treats more than 500 new breast cancer cases per year and is one of the leading private institutions in France for treatment and education. In parallel, I remained in the Public Health Sector at the Hospital Europeen George Pompidou ( Service of the Prof F LECURU) with a view, inter alia, to pursue my research work, in particular the above mentioned “Sentibras” Protocol.


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